Selfie Pod & Backdrop

Selfie Pod & Backdrop Hire


Our selfie pod booth is an open format photo shoot with all the features of a normal photo booth.

A selfie pod is great for locations with limited floor space. Hire our pod for your next special event with or without our double sided backdrop. Our pod can also be used at exhibitions, restaurants, shopping centre promotions and in store events. The selfie pod is also highly adaptable, offering the ability to shoot close up individual portraits or larger group shots which some closed booths may limit.

Every event is different, why not stand out from the crowd. As always we can our personalised to suit your theme, brand or event. We are happy to add a logo, message or caption to your photo print outs free of charge as part of the service.


  2 hours from £299 add backdrop for only £50

3 hours from £385 add backdrop for only £25


  • DSLR + PROFESSIONAL LIGHTING designed to make you look at least 4-5 times more famous than you actually are.  You won’t find a cheap blurry web cam here! The only thing you’ll have to worry about is the timeless photo booth dilemma: smile, or look tough?

  •  ONE OF A KIND BOOTH DESIGN – This really is a one of a kind photo booth. The only thing this booth has in common with others is the cutting edge technology inside. Pile the whole gang for a group shot or go solo and grab an individual portrait.

  • EASY TO USE  keeps your guests moving and the fun going.  It’s completely self operating so guests can find the perfect pose and start whenever they are ready. But we will send one of our trained operatives, just to be sure you have no problems.